Blink 182

Formed only one year after my birth, Blink 182 came together in 1993 and forever changed the music industry. Defining the Punk-Rock genre the band climbed over the years to epic heights that few bands in history have rivaled. Selling upwards of 10 million albums, Blink 182 stands in the top tier of musical performers in history. It only takes one listen to catch on to this fast paced game they call music.

What makes this a guilty pleasure you might be asking? Well not only is Blink my favorite band and I know nearly everything that is physically possibly to know about them, I also know every lyric to every song on their albums over the past 18 years. Now if I had put as much effort as it took to memorize all of the lyrics into my school studies, I might have been a Rhodes Scholar.

This band has changed my life and they are able to make a connection like none other. If you know of the band, you might also know there are several spin off bands such as Boxcar Racer and Angels and Airwaves that lead singer Tom Delonge has created over the years which are equally as good.

Go buy a Blink, AVA, of Boxcar CD or download a few songs from iTunes and understand what I am talking about.


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For those out there who are unfamiliar with the name RON JON SURF SHOP, listen up. It is a surf shop in a few locations including: Coco Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key West. Right off the bat I will tell you, I love this store. Everything in their, from their clothes, to their board wax. However the problem I run into is the price. I am personally not the richest kid in the world, so as much as I would like to buy this store out, I simply cannot. In fact, I haven’t bought anything from this store in some time now. However, every time I return home to South Florida, I visit this store to “shop” around and look at everything they have; all the time knowing I am not going to buy any of it.

Call it weird, call it whatever you wish, but I admit I continually return to a store to “shop” without any intent whatsoever to buy anything. In reality, everything in this store is a luxury item, a polycarbonate fiberglass surfboard is not exactly a necessity of life.

But this trip home for the summer may offer new beginnings where I might go into RON JON’s and buy something. But … probably not.

Hope you like this story, and if you have not been to this store please do yourself a favor a take a visit.


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Sorry, I’m VIP.

Let’s face it… I’m a campus homebody. I hate being in my dirty, dingy, ghetto fabulous apartment complex and with campus being so beautiful and all it’s my second favorite place to be. I’m also stingy when it comes to my cash flow. I don’t have a job, and I try not to ask my parents for money, so I’m living off of what is left of financial aid. Luckily Florida State offers students a slew of extracurricular activities that have already been factored into the tuition! Go watch one of two collegiate circuses in the World at the Flying High Circus, get your fitness on at the Leach Recreational Complex, watch a movie at the Student Life Center, or go on ahead out to Doak and watch the Florida State Seminoles pound the puny university of florida gators (no capital letters required… 31-7). How can a student access these exciting accommodations? All you need is an FSU ID.

Talk to the card cause the face don’t wanna listen.

My guilty pleasure? Swiping the almighty gold card. Sometimes it is easier than that. Sometimes, all you have to do is show it to an attendant. It’s the greatest feeling in the world I promise. It’s kind of like an all-access VIP card that allows you private access to special events and accommodations. I’m like a celebrity around here I swear. “Ma’am the bus is gonna cost you unless you have a student ID,” that’s when I whip it out and say ever so slyly, “Oh sorry sir, I thought you already knew I had one.” Bahah just kidding, that’s not how it goes, but uhm, even the city bus is free if you have your ID? Clearly not just winning here, bi-winning.

The magic of the FSU student ID is my guilty pleasure.


Red Lobster Who?

Biggest mistake of my life? Becoming friends with an amateur chef. My friend Megan is constantly trying out new recipes, and since it is basically impossible to cook in portions for one, I get to reap the benefits. Recently, Megs found out that her fiancé wished more than anything to find the perfect recipe for biscuits that tasted like the ones his GranGran used to make. Naturally, she made it her mission to make him happy and made biscuits practically every day, and was never happy with the product.

My second biggest mistake? Suggesting to her that she make imitation Red Lobster biscuits and add cheesy garlic goodness… Then, she finally managed to perfect them, and thus we had to eat them ALL the time. I’m not talking any of that “just add water” shit from the box. Her biscuits are homemade with flour and love. Munchies or not, I had to have them on at least a weekly basis. Now you might say to yourself, “this girl must be a fat ass for always writing her blog about food,” but hello… they’re guilty pleasures. Most of mine just so happen to be food. I am healthy, I enjoy going to the gym, and 100% whole wheat bread over white… I just have a healthy appreciation for fine dining.

Megan’s biscuits >    ‘s biscuits

Judge away, but I’ve got the secret recipe to complete satisfaction.


Image courtsey of Red Lobster Biscuit Recipe.


Back home, one of my favorite restaurants is called “Saitos”. Saitos is a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook in front of you and have the best hibachi anywhere. The only real problem with Saitos is it is extremely expensive and I only get to eat there on special occasions. But it is the only place that I know of that serves this wonderful hibachi.

When I came up to Tally in the fall, I heard everyone go on and on about how wonderful Mr.Robotos was. So one day I finally decided to try it. And let me tell you, I was amazed. Who would have known I could get hibachi chicken or steak right across the street from my dorm. And get this, IT’S CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER.

When you order the hibachi from Mr.Robotos, your meal comes with a salad and your choice of fried or white rice. The meal is huge and definitely will fill your stomach. After eating at Mr.Robotos I immediately feel guilty. It’s not about the fact that I chose the white rice or fried rice or if I put too much dressing on my salad. The fact that I ate all that food makes me feel guilty. That plus the fact, already mentioned in one of my previous posts, that I should be using my meal plan instead of paying for all these meals.

So beware. Mr.Roboto’s will surely put you in a food coma.

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How entertaining is this website? VERY. Stumbleupon is a website that takes all your interests and puts them on one website. It scrambles them up and shows them to you everytime you simply click “stumble”. The whole world should make a stumbleupon account. Because, honestly, theres no way you wouldn’t find something you like on it…I mean you do put in YOUR own interests.

So I made a stumble upon last year in high school and I didn’t go on it TOO much. Probably because I didn’t have a laptop and didn’t use the computer as much as I have to in college. Now I know i’ve mentioned before about all the things that make me procrastinate with my work. And I know that it may sound like I am a complete slacker who does nothing but watch movies, naps and eats. But honesly, that’s not the case. I use stumble upon too..

Okay, no. I really do get my work done. But thats not the point. The point is that my work gets done after I use this amazing website. My interests on stumbleupon include travel, photography, online games, humor, nature, food/cooking, and so much more. People say facebook is the main procrastination method used online. But I disagree. Facebook can’t keep my interest as much as stumbleupon can. I mean how fun is it to lurk people and have mediocre conversations with people you only talk to on facebook generally? I, atleast, can’t do that for hours… But when it comes to stumbleupon, it really keeps my interest whether I’m playing a stupid game or simply looking a places I would adore to go to.

Thanks to Stumbleupon, I will now be making these and eating them the second I get home..

Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.


Just Do It

There’s been a pretty consistent theme in my blogging- food. Food, food, food, food, food. Clearly I just can’t get enough of it, but to be honest, I do feel guilty eating all that crap. Really guilty. So guilty that I’ve made it my mission to find a guilty pleasure that does not involve the consumption of high calorie, high fat, completely unhealthy food, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s more out there for me.

It’s relatively simple. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. The hokey frickin pokey. Seriously, how can you not? You look like a total twirp flailing body parts around and shaking limbs, but it’s the best. The electric slide? Too technical. The chicken dance?  Not cute. Then you have the hokey pokey. It’s a joke, probably the most basic dance anyone could do, but that’s what makes it so great! You can do it anywhere! Kid’s parties- you do the hokey pokey. In line at Publix waiting for your groceries to be rung up- you do the hokey pokey. Need a break from studying- YOU DO THE HOKEY POKEY. Just thinking about it makes me want to stop writing this blog, jump out of my chair and do the damn thing!…

Plus it’s so catchy!Aside from the fact that I get a huge adrenaline rush, everyone around you is going to be happy. I swear it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever come up with. They’re either laughing with you, or laughing at you! It doesn’t matter! What matter is that it’s guaranteed to be a good time!

God forbid the hokey pokey is what it’s all about, then what? You’re stuck doing a dance you hate for the rest of your life.

Nike said it, just do it.


Clearly Megan took these pictures.